Vanita Gupta nominated Associate Attorney General

Vanita Gupta nominated Associate Attorney General


S President-elect Joe Biden nominated Indian American lawyer Vanita Gupta for post of his associate attorney general. Gupta is one of the most respected civil rights lawyers in America and "a proud daughter of immigrants from India who fought for greater equity," as described in the words of Biden. The idea of diverse administration and profound opinions from varied backgrounds is clearly reflected in the newly elected Biden-Harris administration. Biden successfully upheld the vision of creating an administration that people can confide in and is a mirror of American population.

If the senate would approve, 46 year old Vanita will be the first woman of Indian descent to hold this position. "I nominate Vanita Gupta for number three spot in depart, position of associate attorney general, a woman whom I've known for some time," Biden told in an interview at Delaware while announcing nominations for the Justice Department. Gupta in the start of her career worked as NAACP Legal Defense Fund, then to ACLU and then served in the Justice Department during the Obama-Biden administration, leading the civil rights department. "She always fought for equity and highlighted the flaws in the justice system and corrected them in every case. She brought this into life by bringing everyone together, gathering appreciation from citizens and solving piercing issues mindfully," he said.

Under Obama-Biden leadership, Gupta was incharge of investigating abuse of power in the police department in Ferguson, Missouri and other communities subjected to violence and racial injustice. Gupta helped in enforcing sensible police reforms to ensure equity, safety and trust. "These rare achievements speak volumes about her capabilities to unite people in the nation. Born in Philadelphia, proud daughter of Indian immigrants. I am really grateful to her for accepting our proposal and leaving her job as leader of premier civil rights organisations. If confirmed, she will once again play her part in safeguarding equity and justice in the system," Biden said while looking at Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Reacting to this honour, Gupta said that it will be a lifetime honour to serve in this valuable department upholding ideals of justice. "This department aims to deliver equality and justice to all at its best. And when these promises are fulfilled it will enlighten our nation. When abandoned we disregard our democracy," she said. She promoted the message of loving the country and doing better for its glory and respect. She brought out her life experiences of discrimination, struggles and how she dodged those hurdles, pouncing back strong and better. Reflecting upon the story of her husband who was a war victim who fled from Vietnam and took refuge on shores. She asserted that learning from difficult times one can relish happiness.