Biden's team comprises of 61% women and 54% people of colour

Biden's team comprises of 61% women and 54% people of colour


n Wednesday, US President-elect Joe Biden's transition team forwarded the composition of White House Team highlighting that 61% of appointees are women and 54% are people of colour. After transcending their goal to name 100 members of their incoming administration, Biden and Kamala Harris expressed their full faith and confidence in the team and their ideas to build a stronger and more invincible nation than ever. The Biden-Harris administration is nominated by keeping in mind the cultural diversity, professional experience and expertise that the nation has to offer as described by the transition team.

Joe Biden aimed to create a team or administration that can reflect the nation by incorporating aspirations, skills and ideas from every section of the nation so that no voice can feel unheard or unrepresented. The accomplished individuals are ready to board the responsibilities and commitments from day one to serve the nation. The team will acknowledge diversity of background, ideology and acquired knowledge of appointees to fetch their goal of economy resurrection and developing covid aids. The White House staff represents a small section of total members of the Biden-Harris team that will serve across the federal government, added the Transition team.

"The 100+ members including the ones announced on Wednesday, forwards a vision of nation in the following way: 61% are women, 54% are people of colour, AAPI candidates accounts for more than twice of their share in population, LGBTQ+ comprises 11% of staff," quoted the team. The team upholds the government's plan of not leaving any individual or community behind and develop the nation by harnessing everyone's potential. According to statistics released, 20% of members are first generation Americans while 40% of White House Senior staff have children at home.

Joe Biden asserted in an interview, "It was my and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris's aim to sculpt an administration that appears like a nation. This diversity will ease the process of addressing demands of citizens by facilitating the inflow of fast, better and efficient solutions. The appointees will value their life experience to identify themselves with people of the United States." Harris promised to bring the unprecedented challenges and issues faced by American people on the discussion table and carve a way out of them.