Holiday greetings and Trump’s denial.

Holiday greetings and Trump’s denial.


S President-elect Joe Biden and wife Jill Biden showered their wishes and blessings on this Holiday season from Delaware. The future first lady extended her respect and regret to the families who have lost their family members this year to pandemic. She said, "Many families have faced a misfortune of losing their loved ones and are striving to get along with the plight this Christmas. Joe and I have suffered the same predicament. We understand the solace that kind words could impart in times of grief and sorrow." It's been a tough year for people around the world, whether it be financially, mentally or physically but leaving it all behind we are about to enter hopeful 2021. The Biden family is spending the day at Delaware home without any public events scheduled.

President Donald Trump who is reluctant to concede defeat to Joe Biden after his enormous victory in US Elections 2020, will spend Christmas at his Palm Beach resort on cost of millions of Americans' loss of jobless benefits and partial government shutdown to follow due to his denial of signing $2.3 trillion coronavirus aid and welfare package. US Congress which normally happens to be adjourned this time of the year will return to work. The house of representatives will convene to vote on overriding Trump's veto of a $740 billion bill authorizing the country's defense program on Monday. If the vote succeeds, the senate could conduct its earliest vote on Tuesday.

The scuffle over spending on aid packages rose as Americans face a frightening holiday season due to soaring covid cases and death count reaching over 320,000. Republican leader Donald Trump is still hung up on his baseless and rejected claims of election rigging and fraudulent counting. Many Senate Republicans too have recognized Biden as a fair and publicly chosen winner. It came as a shock to the House when Trump expressed his denial of a $2.3 trillion spending bill which came to pedestal after months of negotiations. The bill comprises $892 billions for coronavirus relief and remaining 1.4 trillion in other government commitments.

Trump's continuous refusal to sign the coronavirus aid bill can snatch unemployment benefits from around 14 million people and partial government shutdown from Tuesday. As the current congress expires on January 3, Trump might take advantage of the situation and  let the sand fall in the clock without issuing any take on the bill. Bills die if they are not enacted in the congress in which they are introduced.