Joe Biden picks Susan Rice as White House Domestic Policy Advisor.

Joe Biden picks Susan Rice as White House Domestic Policy Advisor.


S President-elect Joe Biden chose Susan Rice to head the White House's Domestic Policy Council as a testament to her qualified professional experience for his developing administration. Susan served as the National Security Advisor under the former presidency of Barack Obama. Her impeccable expertise in foreign policy and managerial skills established this wonderful post for her.

Biden also picked former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack to work as Agriculture Secretary for second tenure, Obama White House aide Denis McDonough as Veteran Affairs Secretary, US Representative Marcia Fudge to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Katherine Tai as US Trade Representative (USTR) as reported by Biden's Transition team. The extensive variations of ideas and opinions have culminated in Biden's Council with torch bearers of progressive future.

The nomination of 56 year old Susan Rice for Biden's Top Domestic Policy Advisor took officials by surprise due to her background in Foreign Policy. In addition to her service as National Security Advisor, she also served as his ambassador to the United Nations. She was one of the contenders for Biden's running mate. One of the reliable sources familiar with Biden's ideology asserted that his vision doesn't view foreign and domestic policies as different realms. He believes to appreciate wisdom and experience for a dedicated delivery of duties on both frontiers.

Inching to rule office on January 20, Biden felt that Rice's record of dealing with the federal government would enable her to execute his policy agenda including implementation of strategies and plans to revive the economy tarnished by deadly coronavirus. Rice's name was raised for the post of Biden's Secretary of state but apparently the fierce opposition from Republicans in Congress due to her involvement in controversy surrounding the 2012 attack on the US Mission in Benghazi, Libya has killed this possibility. The White House Domestic Policy doesn't demand US Senate intervention, so Biden chose her for the post while Antony Blinken will be heading the State Department.