Biden supports son Hunter against accusations of US Tax Probe

Biden supports son Hunter against accusations of US Tax Probe


S President-elect Joe Biden, supported his son Hunter, denying all the accusations raised against him of being under the radar of a federal tax investigation. He has been a constant target of Republicans after the revelation of him being investigated for tax debauchery last week. Opposition is not leaving any spot untouched to bring down Democrats and has eagle's sight on every action of Biden or other party members to prove them unworthy or immoral for holding up such a prestigious position in the nation. Amid this political scuffle, such revelation gives free licence to dig up dirt from the background of politicians.

After leading an unsuccessful re-election campaign, President Donald Trump imposed severe allegations against Hunter declaring that Bidens arise from a 'corrupt' family having a 'criminal' enterprise. Trump has been irked after his malign defeat in the US Elections 2020 and since then he is making effort to confide in the citizens in his claim of election rigging and fraudulent counting of votes. He and his allies are regularly attacking Hunter on pretext of his business dealings in Ukraine and China. With political tension on rise, these charges might overturn the political scenario.

In an interview at "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert", aired on Thursday at CBS, Biden firmly asserted that "We have full trust and confidence in our son," sitting next to his wife Jill Biden. He sheerly refuted all the accusations and said in his initial remarks after the tax probe became public, "These unreal claims don't bother me. They are being made up to get to me. It is kind of foul play and as long as he is good, we're good."

Under the Presidency of Barack Obama, and Vice Presidency of Biden from 2014 to 2019, Hunter, being a lobbyist and lawyer, served on board of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company. Trump alleged Biden of removing Ukraine's top prosecutor harbouring Burisma and his son to clear the name of Hunter from investigation. 50-year old, Hunter, now an artist in Los Angeles, accepted some poor judgments in business dealings but refrained from any wrongdoing or foul play. Biden also asserted that by next Christmas we can get back to normal most probably.