US undergoing "Four historic crisis at once," says Joe Biden

US undergoing "Four historic crisis at once," says Joe Biden


n Sunday, US President-elect Joe Biden asserted that country is in a turmoil as of now and facing "four historic crisis at once". With world being confronted by a new challenge everyday by coronavirus, we are drowning in pool of miseries one after the other. Biden said that his team is working very hard to strategize and combat the challenges. Floating on thin ice, we need to be cautious to overcome these time bound challenges. Governments around the world are devising strategies to revive the worn off economy and improve the health infrastructure. US is leading in number of corona cases, so it becomes extremely necessary for the country to address the issues.

"The evils like covid 19, climate change, failure of economy and racial discrimination are  undermining the basis of our strong foundation. We are facing these four historic crisis at once. We are left with no time to act in coming January. The deep emphasis of my team will be to dodge the hurdles posed in way of our development," Joe Biden said in a tweet. Hours after the inflow of this tweet, the President Donald Trump signed the 2.3 trillion dollar coronavirus relief package and government spending bill as reported by hill. Trump was firm on his denial to sign the bill after exercising his veto.

Biden took an aggravating dig on Trump by accusing him of abdicating responsibility and pressed an imperative to outgoing president to sign the pending bill for welfare of nation and citizen. If the bill wouldn't be signed in the Congress before January 3, it would be declared dead in new Congress. "Amidst the times of Christmas celebration, millions of families are floating in mid of uncertainties about their financial empowerment and meeting their needs due to President Trump's denial to sign the economic relief bill approved inarguably by Congress," declared by Biden in a statement. Both parties convinced the president to sign the bill.

The infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci today, stressed that the USA is leading its way to face worst of the pandemic in following week as adverse repercussion of Holiday season. "The darkest days are yet to follow," he said to CNN. He expressed his concern to Joe Biden about the fatalities that might follow after being hinged to this critical point. The total cases in country have crossed 19 million landmark.