Facebook, Instagram ban Donald Trump 'indefinitely'

Facebook, Instagram ban Donald Trump 'indefinitely'


ocial Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have blocked US President Donald Trump for the rest of his term accusing him of using the platform to instigate political and social disharmony, fueling dispute among citizens. Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive of facebook said on Thursday, that Trump has been banned from the platform due to his attempts of fluttering misleading information, inciting violence by making use of their platform. He extended the 24 hour ban announced on Wednesday by quoting, "use of our platform to instill violence insurrection against democratically elected government.

The announcement busted the headlines a day after storming of US Capitol blocking the outgoing US President due to false claims about legitimacy of his loss to President-elect Joe Biden. The mob broke into the Capitol keeping the reputation of the nation at stake. His favourite and the most captivating platform Twitter also suspended his account for 12 hours but it is unclear whether the ban has been lifted or not. Snapchat also confirmed that Trump has been forbidden from the photo sharing app after his tenacious efforts to muster the mass support on unlawful grounds.

"We can see the risks or threats that might follow after our allowance to the President to use our service. So we are imposing an indefinite block on Donald Trump, debarring him from access to our services for at least two weeks till peaceful transfer of presidential powers takes place," Zuckerberg wrote on his facebook page. The breakout occured after violence was looming over the Capitol which resulted in the death of a woman by police who was interrupting ceremonial proceedings of certification of Biden's victory. Trump who urged the mob later released a video on social media repeating his baseless accusations and motivating the terror by saying "I love you" to mislead enemies of democracy. Youtube later removed that video.

Twitter asserted that any further effort to violate the code of civic integrity and spread of discontentment on falsified grounds will lead to permanent suspension of @realDonaldTrump account.