Tricolor Sighted At Capitol Protest

Tricolor Sighted At Capitol Protest


mong a sea of American flags at the US Capitol protest an Indian flag was also spotted as the supporters of President Donald Trump over the anger of his defeat in the elections stormed the US Capitol. Thousands of pro-Trump protestors entered to the east front in the grounds of Capitol with flags of Trump and America waving in the sky and shouting “Trump won that election"

Multiple videos from the protest site started to emerge and in one of the videos a person is seen waving an Indian flag along with the American flags. Moments later the video triggered interesting reactions on Twitter as the netizens started to ask what was an Indian flag doing at the protest and many of called it ‘shameful’ and ‘unwarranted’.

Varun Gandhi, a prominent leader of the country and a BJP,MP said “Why is there an Indian flag there??? This is one fight we definitely don’t need to participate in…” Another political leader Priyanka Chaturvedi said “Whoever is waving this flag should be ashamed. Don’t use our tricolor to participate in such violent & criminal acts in another country.”

Twitter users from the country wrote multiple comments on their walls like “Not the place where we’d like to see our Indian flag.” Another user wrote “A moron carrying an Indian flag. #dimwits of the world unite.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed shock at the riots that took place in the  US Capitol calling the protest ‘unlawful” and added that orderly and peaceful transfer of power must continue.