10 infants dead due to fire in Maharashtra

10 infants dead due to fire in Maharashtra


en newborns died after a sudden fire broke in a hospital of Maharashtra around 2 am in the night.  According to the reports, Seventeen newborns were admitted within the Special Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) of the four-storeyed hospital in Maharashtra's Bhandara district. As per the fire rescue team, seven babies were saved throughout during. Babies those were outward-bound could not be saved. They were believed to be dead because of suffocation.

According to hospital officials, the infants were between a month or 3 months. A nurse saw the smoke setting out from the building and rushed to the doctors.The staff used fire extinguishers while attempting to douse the fire. There was an excessive amount of smoke. This incident happened because of a short circuit within the hospital.

Prime Minister Modi condoled the deaths and called this event "heart-wrenching traged" he further added," My thoughts are with all the bereaved families. I hope the abraded recover as early as possible (sic)". Many political leaders have shown their condolences via their tweets on the internet. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has appealed the state government to supply to provide help to the families affected.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray spoke to Health Minister Rajesh tope, and he has conjointly ordered a probe into the incident.