Farmers Alert Of Tractor Rally Incase Demands Not Met In Jan 4.

Farmers Alert Of Tractor Rally Incase Demands Not Met In Jan 4.


peaking on behalf of the farmers’ union on Friday, politician Yogendra Yadav informed that the protesting farmers will intensify the protest at the borders of Delhi incase the government declines their demands of repealing of the three contagious farm laws and giving legal support to the minimum support price in the next round of talks on January 4. In a joint front of 40 framers unions who have been leading this protest this decision was taken at a meeting held on Friday.

At a press conference held at the Singhu border Mr Yadav said, “The government has not budged in two of our demands- repealing the laws and legal status to MSP. We will intensify the protest. If nothing comes out of the January 4 protest, then we will take out a tractor rally on the GT-Karnal road on January 6.” He added “If government does not meet our demands, we will march towards Delhi from Shahjahanpur border next week.”

On Wednesday the sixth round of talks between the farmers’ union leaders and the government the Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that the two sides have arrived at an ‘agreement’ on two demands out of the four. However, prominent sources say that there has not been any progress in the major demands of the farmers i.e., repealing of the three farm laws and legal guarantee for the MSP.

The farmers alleged in the press conference on Friday at the Singhu border that in the meetings with the government so far only five percent of their issues raised by them have been discussed. Vikas a farmer leader was quoted by a prominent news agency where he said that “If January 4 meeting with the government fails to end the deadlock we will announce dates to shut all malls, petrol pumps in Haryana.