Maharashtra Farmers To Join Protests In Delhi

Maharashtra Farmers To Join Protests In Delhi


armers from Nashik in Maharashtra have left for Delhi on Monday to join the ongoing farmer’s protest in the Delhi borders demanding the government to take back the three farm laws introduced by them earlier this year. The farmers are led by the leaders of the Kisan Sabha and they are moving towards Delhi in private vehicles.

Farmers from 21 districts in Maharashtra are on their way to Delhi, said a leader of the Kisan Sabha.He added further by saying that farmers of Maharashtra have demanded the government to waive ‘inflated’ power bills and implement the recommendation of the M S Swaminathan Committee. The farmers also demand to include an aid of 50000 rupees to the farmers whose crops got damaged due to rains.

The leaders of the Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sabha, Ashok Dhawale and Ajit Navale addressed a gathering of farmers where they heavily criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) over the farm laws. They believe that the new farm laws were introduced only to benefit the corporate firms at the cost of the farmers.

The farmers are expected to reach Delhi on December 24 through the Mumbai-Agra national highway after covering a distance of 1200 Km, said a leader of the Kisan Sabha.

The center has projected that the introduction of the three farm laws will remove the middle man from the farming sector and will enable the farmers to sell their produce anywhere in the country. The government has also repeatedly assured that the MSP and APMC systems will remain as it is and has accused the opposition of misleading the farmers. The multiple rounds of talks between the farmers and the central government have failed in the past as they could not come to a mutual agreement with each other.

The protesting farmers however have a sense of uneasiness that the new laws will eliminate the MSP and APMC or mandi systems in the country and will leave the farmers at the mercy of the corporate firms.