Free Remdesivir to Covid-19 patients in UP

Free Remdesivir to Covid-19 patients in UP


hen the whole Country is fighting corona, standing in a long queue for the availability of Remdesivir  where people are doing black marketing and selling it. Meanwhile, UP Government has taken a big initiative to provide Remdesivir to every Covid-19 positive patient, free of cost. 

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath announced that Remdesivir will be provided free of cost to all the Covid-19 patients admitted in Government as well as Private Hospitals in the state. He directed that the adequate vials of Remdesivir should be made available to various districts as per the demand. If required, private hospitals should also be provided Remdesivir at a fixed price. The Centre has also increased Uttar Pradesh's quota of Remdesivir injection to 1,161,000 Vials until April 30. The state has received 1,22,000 vials of the medication so far.

Meanwhile, the state government has also fixed the rate of Covid testing and treatments if any complaints registered against hospital for charging more fees," strict action will be taken under the epidemic act  ".The Covid-19 hospitals have been ordered to publicly announce the number of vacant beds twice during the day. The covid-19 infected patients who are in home isolation will be provided with "Covid kit" with shall include medicines for 7 days, said the statement.

According to ANI, the Government also said that ,"no fees will be taken for cremating people who died during covid-19". The government will also provide masks to the poor section of the state free of cost.