Indian Air Force will bring six cryogenic oxygen containers from Dubai

Indian Air Force will bring six cryogenic oxygen containers from Dubai


o overcome the lack of oxygen amid the second severe wave of Corona, the Indian Air Force has accelerated the raising of special oxygen tankers from home and abroad. In this sequence, the Air Force cargo plane C-17 Globemaster arrived at the air base at Panagarh in Bengal on Monday night with six special cryogenic oxygen tankers from Dubai. The Air Force will also bring six cryogenic tankers from Dubai to India on Tuesday.

Air Force aircraft are engaged in transporting tankers to the places in the country where Corona patients are facing an oxygen shortage crisis. These empty tankers being brought from Dubai will be filled with oxygen and transported across the country. The Air Force will transport the required oxygen tankers to the nearest airbase.

Immediately after the Globemaster plane left for India with a tanker from Dubai, information was given by the Air Force that on Tuesday also the same aircraft of the Air Force will bring six more cryogenic tankers from Dubai. It is known that on Saturday, the Air Force Globemaster came to India with four cryogenic tankers from Singapore.

In addition to the most modern cargo Globemaster, the C-130J Super Hercules Aircraft and IL-76 Helicopter Oxygen and other resources are engaged in reaching patients as quickly as possible. Defense Secretary Dr. Ajay Kumar tweeted on Monday a video of Globemaster who went to Dubai and said that the Air Force will not sit quietly until the needs of the country are met.