US Lawmakers express concern over Covid situation in India, Appeal Biden government to help

US Lawmakers express concern over Covid situation in India, Appeal Biden government to help


any countries have come forward to help India, which is facing the tsunami of the Washington Coronavirus epidemic. US lawmakers have offered to help India through the Covid vaccine. Subsequently, Russia has offered Remedesivir and oxygen supply to India. China has also lent hands to help India deal with Corona. However, there is no formal declaration from India for assistance to any country.

Democratic Party Senator Ed Markey from Massachusetts, USA, asked the Biden administration to help India immediately. He tweeted and wrote that Coronavirus infection has registered the biggest jump in a day in India. Earth Day is connected not only to our planet but to the health of all the people living on it. Ed Markey said that America has more than the needed vaccine for all people, but we are refusing to support countries like India. He pleaded to Joe Biden, saying that we have the resources to help and other people need it; It is our moral obligation to do so. Female MP expressed condolences to India

US Congress Representative Haley Stevens of the Democratic Party from Michigan tweeted and expressed sorrow over the growing Corona cases in India. He wrote that during this disastrous Corona wave in India, my heart goes out to the people there. The US's contrary attitude has also raised questions about the intent of its friendship with India. At present, the whole world is battling with the corona epidemic. Every country is busy helping other countries leave behind all disputes. In such a situation, what was the need of the US that it stopped the raw material to increase vaccine production in India. Is America's friendship with India only for the sake of China?

The US ban is anticipated to affect not only friendship with India but also vaccination programs. Everyday there are new records of Corona cases and deaths in India. In such circumstances, the government has declared to apply the vaccine to all people above 18 years of age from May 1. If vaccine production does not expand, it may take a long time to vaccinate the entire population in India.

This question was asked twice during Monday morning's briefing at the White House during Covid-19 and later during press secretary Jane Saki's daily press conference. At a press conference held in the morning, a journalist questioned the White House Covid-19 replication team that the Serum Institute of India is saying that the Biden administration is restricting the exports of the raw materials they need to produce the Covid-19 vaccine. And the Serum Institute has seeked (US) President Joe Biden to lift the ban.