Manohar Lal Khattar's chopper unable to land amid protests in Karnal

Manohar Lal Khattar's chopper unable to land amid protests in Karnal


s the Farmer Protests persist to surge on the borders of the National Capital, the situation worsens in Karnal which resulted in cancellation of a meeting between farmers and Haryana's Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Sunday. The farmers who have been rigorously protesting for the repeal of new agricultural reforms implemented in September. The protestors indulged in a conflict with the police and the venue was vandalised. Cell Phones captured footage of protests creating havoc by throwing chairs, tearing up posters and banners. Amidst such violent eruption, the CM's chopper couldn't land, calling off the meeting for the day. The protests are now firmly centred around seeking legal guarantee for MSP (Minimum Selling Price) and retraction of new laws.

The 'kisan mahapanchayat' which was convened to elaborate upon the positive aspects of farm laws. Arrangements were made for heavy security, keeping in mind the rage and angst of farmers by deploying police personnel. The intentions of farmers were cleared by their actions. They were in no mood for negotiations. Hundreds of farmers gathered near the toll plaza where they were stopped by police. They were ambushed by batons, tear gas and water canons of police but still the managed to break the barricades, reach the venue and destroy the preparations. "The talks didn't happen due to uneventful circumstances. In view of safety of protestors and sustainment of law and order I ordered to return the chopper," Chief Minister told the media.

Taking a dig at the opposition, CM said, "Farmers never behave this way. We are a part of strong democracy which gives every individual the right to speak and raise their opinions undeterred. We always looked for an opportunity to resolve and Congress is destroying democracy by provoking the protestors." On Sunday Morning Congress's Randeep Surjewala took to his twitter handle terming this 'kisan mahapanchayat' as pretence. He asked the CM to not fool and play with emotions of farmers and meddle with law and order.

The BJP ruled Haryana government has been in favour of the amendments which were evident in their act of stopping farmers from reaching Delhi carrying their demands and outrage. They have been suppressed by water cannons, tear gas and barricades. BJP is resorting to communicate to farmers through outreach programs to dispel the apprehensions regarding laws. More than 60 farmers have died due to protests either by harsh chilly winters or suicide. Rounds after rounds of talks couldn't break the deadlock.