Suspected Over Cattle Theft, Patna Man Lynched to Death.

Suspected Over Cattle Theft, Patna Man Lynched to Death.


ohammad Alamgir a 32 year old man in Bihar was attacked by a mob and beaten to death over suspicion of cattle theft in Patna the state capital on Wednesday. The police said that all the accused were arrested immediately and six people against whom the complaint was registered are now in police custody.

The tragic incident occurred in Phulwarisharif of Patna, Bihar on an early Wednesday morning. The victim was badly thrashed after he was seen untying a buffalo from a cattle shed at around 3AM. A person who was with the victim managed to escape from the site on time. Mr Alamgir was beaten for several hours and died on Wednesday afternoon in the hospital he was taken to.

PM Modi in 2017 spoke about the rising cow vigilantism and killings of the individuals in relation to it. He said that the killing of people out of devotion for cows is not acceptable.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who claims to have brought good governance or ‘sushasan’ in the state of Bihar in the recent times faces embarrassments with the rising of such incidents in the state where crimes continue to spike.