Pfizer Effective for Coronavirus Variant

Pfizer Effective for Coronavirus Variant


ccording to a laboratory study conducted by a US drug maker, Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine appears to work effectively against the mutation in the highly transmissible new variant of the corona virus which was first discovered in the UK and South Africa. The study conducted by Pfizer and the scientist from the University of Texas Medical Branch indicates that the vaccine is effective in counterbalancing the virus with the N501Y mutation of the spike protein. However, the studies conducted by the experts are yet to be reviewed by its peers.

One of Pfizer’s top viral vaccine scientist Phil Dormitzer said that the mutation could be accountable for being highly contagious and also the virus could escape the antibody deactivation evoked by the vaccine. To conduct the study blood was taken from those people who were given the vaccine earlier. The results are limited as it does not look at the full set of mutations which is found in either of the new variant strains of the highly contagious virus.

The vaccine appears to be effective against the mutation and 15 other mutations the company had previously tested against and to see this it was encouraging said Dormitzer and he noted that the mutant found in the South African variant which is called the E484K mutation is concerning.

The researchers are hoping to have more data in the coming weeks by conducting similar tests to see if the vaccine is effective against the other mutation which is discovered in the UK and South Africa as the researchers plan to conduct similar tests. Scientists have stated that the vaccines that are being rolled out may not be able to protect against the new variant and peculiarly the one that has emerged in South Africa.

The messenger RNA technology used by Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and the Moderna Inc vaccine can be plugged immediately to address the new mutation of the virus when the need arises and the changes can be made in as little as in six weeks says the experts and scientist.