Health Minister Confirms the availability of Covishield and Covaxin

Health Minister Confirms the availability of Covishield and Covaxin


head of the dry Covid-19 vaccine on January 8, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan met with health ministers at 12.30pm on Thursday. Talking about the dry run work, Harsh Vardhan said, "The response to the Covid vaccine in four provinces has been reviewed. We have improved the response. Tomorrow it will happen in 33 states and the Union. Areas." "The Covid-19 'Covishield' and 'Covaxin' vaccines are on the verge of becoming available in the country. Our efforts are to ensure the delivery of vaccines within miles," Harsh Vardhan further added.

The Minister of Health also said that the top teams have been vaccinated as they have advised an expert team formed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Regarding coronavirus cases, he said, "Maharashtra, Kerala and Chhattisgarh have seen a sudden outbreak of coronavirus cases recently. This gives us a warning that we should not forget the warnings and continue our fight against Covid-19.

Meanwhile, news agency ANI reported that the distribution of coronavirus vaccines could begin today or tomorrow. The center has allowed passenger planes to carry Covid-19 drugs. Pune will be the central center where the vaccine will be distributed, the report said.

About 41 sites across the country have completed the implementation of the vaccine. New Delhi and Karnal will serve as small centers for the delivery of coronavirus vaccines in northern India. In the eastern region, Kolkata will be the center and Chennai and Hyderabad will be selected for Southern India.


India has two vaccines against the coronavirus of a novel ready to be released. One is Covexin, developed by Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Institute of Virology. One is Covishield, a vaccine developed by Oxford University and pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. Its Indian partner is the Pune-based Serum Institute of India.