People Donate ? 16 Crore For Mumbai Child

People Donate ? 16 Crore For Mumbai Child


hairyarajsingh Rathod a five-month-old boy in Mumbai, who a needed the most expensive drug and in 42 days, more than 2.6 lakh people have been donated enough money to pay for the one-time gene therapy Zolgensma for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

The parents of this five-month-old boy were from Ahmedabad, who were destroyed after getting to know that their baby boy was suffering from the disease after he came on this earth. As the disorder affects the nervous system, Doctors said before the situation is getting  worse, the child may only be saved through a drug called 'Zolgensma' which costs 16 crores for one dose of an expensive drug.

The parents of Dhairyarajsingh Rathod ,become hopeless as working whole life, they couldn’t afford it, without getting any hope they were unaware of the fact, that thousands of people will come together for helping them out in this situation through crowdfunding platform “Impactguru” many people have donated money for getting first shot of the injection. As more than 2.64 lakh people has joined together in saving the life of Dhairyarajsingh Rathod.

Developed by the US biotechnology startup AveXis, which was acquired by pharmaceutical giant Novartis, Zolgensma was cleared for use in the US in 2019 and UK this year.