FDA Likely to Approve Pfizer Vaccine for Teens Within A Week

FDA Likely to Approve Pfizer Vaccine for Teens Within A Week


reparations to vaccinate Covid-19 to teenagers in the US are now intensifying as Washington Coronavirus strikes. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is awaited to authorize Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine next week for children 12 years and older. A federal official and person well informed of the process and arranging many doses before the start of the next school year has given information about this.

The Pfizer Company vaccine has already been authorized for people 16 years of age or older. However, the company found that its vaccine is effective on young children as well, which was declared just a month later. The federal official said the agency is likely to authorize emergency use of Pfizer's two-dose vaccine earlier this week.

The FDA will take action only after a meeting with the Federal Vaccine Consultative Committee regarding vaccination to children aged 12 to 15 years due to a decrease in cases of infection and death resulting from vaccination. Subsequently, the European Union (EU) authorities suggested a relaxation of disrupted air travel in the US for more than 13 months because of the Covid-19 epidemic, in the wake of the immense vaccination campaign in the US and the reduction in cases of coronavirus infection. This is because vaccination has seen a depletion in cases of infection and death due to it in many countries.

The situation in many countries has become better as the infection situation in India worsens. In the US, For the very first time since October daily cases have come down to below 50,000 on average. According to the Transportation Security Administration, about 16.7 million people were screened at the US Airport Testing Center, the highest since mid-March last year. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had signed a bill that sanctions local emergency measures to be implemented during an epidemic.

While increasing the capacity of casinos in Las Vegas to 80 percent, the law will not go into effect until July, but the Republican governor said he would issue a government order mandating loosening of the mandatory compulsory wearing of masks at the local level. In Las Vegas too, the capacity of the casino attendees has been escalated to 80 percent and the distance between two people has been reduced to three feet. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared that metro train services in New York City would soon be resumed for the entire night, and by mid-May the restriction on most businesses across the state would be lifted.

On Sunday, no one died of coronavirus infection in Las Angeles. EU officials also declared a plan to ease travel restrictions for 27 countries on Monday. On this, the final decision will be taken by its member countries. "It is time to review the EU tourism industry in a safe manner and restore cross-border friendship," said European Commission chairperson Ursula von Late Leyen.