'4-digit security code' feature launched by CoWin

'4-digit security code' feature launched by CoWin


he CoWIN program introduces a new "4-digit security code" feature in the CoWIN app from May 8th. After confirmation, if the beneficiary is found to be eligible, prior to the introduction of the vaccine, the guarantor/vaccine will ask the beneficiary for his 4-digit code and enter the same in the CoWIN system to properly record the vaccination status.

The Department of Health released a report stating that in some cases, citizens who had applied for Covid vaccination through the CoWIN website, but did not go on vaccination on the scheduled day, received an SMS notification that they had been given a vaccine dose. After testing, it was found to be more likely to occur because the vaccine improperly labelled a citizen as vaccinated, meaning the error of entering data into the vaccine, the department said.

Therefore, the department said in order to minimize such errors and subsequent disruptions caused by citizens, these new ones are being introduced. This new feature will only work for citizens who have booked online bookings with a vaccination slot. The "four-digit security code" will be printed on the acceptance slip and will not be known for vaccination. The four-digit code will also be sent via confirmation SMS sent to the beneficiary after successfully booking the nomination. Acknowledgment Clip Selection can be saved and displayed from mobile.

The department said this would ensure that, for those citizens who have resorted to online time, the inclusion of data on the status of the citizen vaccination, is properly recorded and only for those who book online appointments and receive services at the institution, they do not have book appointment