Biden proposes ban on menthol cigarettes

Biden proposes ban on menthol cigarettes


iden officials aim to pursue a ban on menthol cigarettes, a policy measure that could sweep the market for more than a third of all cigarettes sold in the U.S. The proposal, announced on Thursday by the Food and Drug Administration, is based on the agency's finding in 2013 that menthols are harder to quit than regular cigarettes and may have serious health risks. The agency also found that menthols may be associated with an increase in the incidence of smoking in young people because menthol cooling sites hide the intensity of cigarette smoke.

The FDA was due to respond to a court hearing on Thursday on a citizen’s request for a restraining order. A national ban on menthol could take years to implement, and industry leaders have shown they can oppose the ban in court. In addition to the menthol ban, the FDA has said it will follow the ban on all cigars and cigarillos, popular with children and adolescents. The FDA said on Thursday it intended to publish the proposed law next year. After that, it will need to review tens of thousands of comments submitted by manufacturers, consumers, health professionals, and others before publishing the final law.

U.S. health officials They say the move reflects the intention of Biden's management to redress health inequalities in marginalized communities. The menthol ban "will help save lives, especially for those who are unduly affected by these lethal products," said acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock. She said this would reduce youth attraction, increase the chances of smokers wanting to quit, and address health inequalities for people of colour, the poor, and LGBTQ people, all of whom may be smoking menthols.

Biden officials also thought it required tobacco companies to reduce nicotine in all cigarettes sold in the U.S. To the point where he will no longer be addicted, The Wall Street Journal reported last week. Management discussions on the matter are still ongoing, Dr. Woodcock said on Thursday.'

In the tobacco industry, menthols are an integral part of the tobacco industry. Because menthol smokers smoke less than the average, they represent a longer duration of smoking that can last longer. And over the past decade, menthols have gained a growing share of U.S. tobacco sales.