UK to help India overcome Covid-19 Crisis

UK to help India overcome Covid-19 Crisis


K send respirators and oxygen concentrator to India to help the country cope with the covid-19 epidemic that has engulfed the country and put tremendous pressure on its health services. A media statement from the British High Court in New Delhi said the UK is spending "more than 600 pieces of essential medical equipment" to support the country in the fight against Covid-19. "

The relief package, sponsored by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office incorporates breathing apparatus and oxygen concentrators. It will be used by the Government of India to provide essential medicines to those affected by Covid-19 in India. The Department of Health and Public Care has worked closely with UK National Health Services and UK suppliers and manufacturers to identify life-saving equipment that could be exported to India. This follows India's urgent need for units for the production of oxygen and other life-saving instruments following a massive covid crash across the country, especially the Indian capital New Delhi. After negotiations with the Government of India, the first shipment of equipment will depart from the UK today, arriving in New Delhi on Tuesday morning. Further facilities are expected to be followed later this week.

"We are close to India as our friend and partner during the most difficult time in the fight against Covid-19," British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement.

“In total, nine aircraft containers, including 495 oxygen concentrators, 120 non-invasive ventilators and 20 ventilators, will be shipped to the country this week. These machines will be instrumental in helping save the lives of the most vulnerable people in India. Oxygen concentrators, for example, can extract oxygen from the atmosphere to supply patients, remove stress from hospital oxygen structures and allow oxygen to be supplied in cases where oxygen supplies are depleted, "he said.