No Mandatory Mask In Israel

No Mandatory Mask In Israel


n Israel a drop in COVID-19 infection rates , the country's Health Ministry Mr. Yuli Edelstein has cancelled the mandatory wearing of face masks in the open-air only wear when a large number of people gather at one place , starting Sunday.

The ministry of Israel noted that "In light of the morbidity figures that continue to be low throughout the country, Director-General (DG) of the Ministry of Health, Professor Hezi Levy, amended the public health order so that there is no obligation to wear a mask in an open area, starting tomorrow, April 18," on Saturday.

This comes as global COVID-19 cases of deaths crossed the across 3 million on Saturday due to pandemic, as per the   latest update by showed Johns Hopkins University. Following the drop in spreading virus rates, the Health Ministry of Israel advised the public to wear face coverings at large outdoor gatherings and stressed that mask-wearing is still obligatory indoors.

According to the Russian sources, Israel country had started vaccinating its citizens on December 2020 to fight against the COVID-19  and the country has seen one of the most rapid vaccine spread-out of any corner of the world.