Iran Nuclear Talks Resume in Vienna

Iran Nuclear Talks Resume in Vienna


n Tuesday, High-level talks will be resumed in Vienna by world powers, whose main emphasis is on getting the US back into a nuclear deal with Iran. However, Iran's foreign minister has alleged that Russia was trying to stop the agreement.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has not yet commented on Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif's comments. This mention was made by Jawad in a seven-hour interview with a thinktank associated with the Iranian Presidency.

Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia's top representative at the Vienna talks, also did not comment about the allegations before the meeting. He merely tweeted that "participants will continue to negotiate the restoration of the nuclear deal". Ulyanov is associated with representatives from China, Germany, France and the UK for talks to be chaired by the European Union. The EU delegation said prior to the talks, "Participants will continue to talk over the possible return of the US to the agreement and how to confirm full and effective execution of the agreement." The US is not on the negotiating table because the US unilaterally backed out of the agreement in 2018 at the time of then President Donald Trump. The agreement guarantees Iran economic incentives in exchange for restrictions on its nuclear program.

The reimposition of American disciplines has left the country's economy reeling, and Tehran has reacted by constantly increasing its violations of the prohibitions of the deal, such as escalating the purity of uranium it enriches and its stockpiles, in a thus-far unsuccessful effort to pressure the other countries to bestow relief.

The conclusive objective of the deal is to avert Iran from developing a nuclear bomb, something it insists it doesn’t want to do.  Now, Iran has sufficiently enriched uranium to make a bomb, but nowhere close to the amount it had prior the nuclear deal being signed.