Amarinder Singh's take on reports suggesting Punjab's acceptance of farm laws

Amarinder Singh's take on reports suggesting Punjab's acceptance of farm laws


he Chief Minister of Punjab, Amarinder Singh has attacked the media, accusing it of spreading fake and baseless news on national platforms asserting that Punjab has implemented the three farm laws. The "highly responsible" action of the media as staged in this issue brought the Punjab government in an inconsiderate light as the farmers majorly hailing from Punjab and Haryana, have been protesting on the borders of national capital, demanding nothing less than retraction of the new amendments or laws. As the protests enter the second month, concessions and talks between farmer union leaders and the government are in progress and emerging as indecisive or inconclusive.

"Food Minister Bharat Bhushan Ashu's statement has been intentionally and shrewdly turned in a misleading context by one newspaper and then others following the lead," Mr. Singh said. The Chief Minister sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi to repeal the laws and became the first state to stand against farm laws. It even initiated the process of amendment of state bills and curb down the dangerous impact of new laws on agriculture. He alleged Aam Aadmi Party of fluttering the misinformation on farmer's protest. He highlighted that the state’s bills haven’t been forwarded to the president. Government is making efforts to support farmers and their families and started a helpline to reach out to the farmers in case of emergency.

Thousands of farmers from all over the nation are struggling in the biting winter on the highway on Delhi-Haryana border, upholding their demands and coexisting in a deadlock with the government. The farmers demand legal assurance on existence of Minimum Support Price  (MSP) after implementation of laws as the new laws aim to remove government as middleman in crop trading, thereby allowing farmers to sell their produce to anyone. Farmers are apprehensive that this might lead to their exploitation. On the other hand, the government is performing detailed analysis of these laws to lure the farmers, assuring MSP protection.

The inconclusive meeting held on January 5 ended on Agriculture Minister's advice to hit the doors of the Supreme Court in case of withdrawal of laws. The next meet is scheduled on Friday. Farmers have threatened the government to organise rallies on Republic day if their demands are not met.