15 days strict lockdown in Rajasthan

15 days strict lockdown in Rajasthan


n view of rising in Covid-19 cases, Rajasthan Government has imposed a 15-day strict lockdown starting from today till 3rd May.The decision was taken last night, the Home Department issued strict guidelines and this is named "Jan Anushasan Pakhwara "or Public Discipline Fortnight.

As per the new guidelines, Shops selling grocery, fruit, dairy products shall remain open till 5 pm, vegetable vendors will be allowed to open till 7 pm. Petrol pumps will remain open till 8 pm. The industrial units will be allowed to open to function during the lockdown to prevent migration of the people. Electronic and Print Media employees will be exempted from showing their identity cards, travellers travelling via bus, air, train have to show their tickets. Pregnant women will be allowed to travel to the hospital and those taking Covid-19 shots will be allowed to go for the jab.NREGA projects will continue to ensure workers get regular jobs. 50 people will be permitted for marriage gathering and 20 people for the funeral.

Bazars, malls, shopping complexes, cinema halls and religious places will remain closed. Educational institutions, libraries and political programs will be suspended. 

According to the tweet by Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot, he said that "For effective control and curb the spread of Covid-19, it has been decided to prohibit various activities across the state under 'Self-discipline fortnight".

Rajasthan on Sunday recorded 10,514 cases and 42 deaths.