Google CEO Sundar Pichai support India's fight against Covid 19

Google CEO Sundar Pichai support India's fight against Covid 19


eeing the current situation of India  Google CEO  Sundar Pichai assured to fight with India against the Covid crisis. As per Sundar’s twitter handle, he announced to provide  Rs 135 crore to UNICEF and the non-profit Give India for medical supplies, supporting high-risk communities, and grants to help spread critical information about COVID-19.

Seeing the current stage of India made Microsoft Chief  Satya Nadella tweet "heartbroken". Furthermore, he added he will continue to use their resources and technology for relief efforts. Also, He thanked the U.S  government for supporting India purchasing of critical oxygen concentration devices. 

Several other countries like the United States, UK, and France have pledged to provide critical supplies to India, they are also providing rapid assistance for the country. U.S president, Joe Biden soon released millions of stored doses of AstraZeneca vaccine for shipment to India, Brazil, and other hard-hit countries.

India on Monday recorded more than 3.5 lakh new cases and the total caseload crossed 17 billion and daily death jumped over 2,800. With 3,52,991 people testing positive for coronavirus infection within a day with active cases over 28 lakh mark as per Union health Minister data report.