Anushka Sharma flaunts her baby bump in Vogue's shoot.

Anushka Sharma flaunts her baby bump in Vogue's shoot.


ctress soon-mother to be Anushka Sharma recently posted a series of photos of her January Vogue India cover. The actress, who revealed the news of her pregnancy with a photo on Instagram earlier the previous year, asked for a series of magazine photos depicting her baby's skull.

In one of her appearances, Anushka is seen wearing a long coat of wool and pajamas by designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Talking about how she interacted with other women in her life during her pregnancy, Anushka told the magazine, “When you wait, you connect with people you never thought you could connect with. Honestly, all the women in my life, not just my closest friends, were very kind, and very helpful in reaching… For all those questions, you should have that circle. I think it's really undervalued, that 'sisterhood'. ”

In one look, Anushka looked gorgeous with a white shirt with half buttons and black pants. The 32-year-old, who recently designed a nursey for her child that is animal themed, shared her thoughts on stereotyping on the basis of gender. “I don't think boys should be dressed in blue and girls in pink. The nursery is built has all colors in it, ”she said.

Anushka also wore a long black dress and looked gorgeous in a green olive dress, among other looks.

She went on to talk about how the epidemic was a “strange blessing” for the couple. “The epidemic has been a rare blessing in some way. Virat was nearby and I was able to keep it a secret. We only left to go to the doctor's clinic. No one was on the streets so we could not be seen. ”She continued, "I am always meditating. It is a daily habit, and my life is very limited, so I have to move on. The only difference is that I have more time."

Expressing what she had learned from her pregnancy journey, the NH-10 actor said, “The advice I have received is that you should learn as you go; you can't push yourself, but you have to be prepared because there will be curveballs. "