Neha Kakkar mysterious pregnancy rumours cleared by husband Rohanpreet

Neha Kakkar mysterious pregnancy rumours cleared by husband Rohanpreet


he mystery of Neha Kakkar's pregnancy is finally solved. The singer's new song titled Khyaal Rakhya Kar, accompanied by her husband Rohanpreet Singh, portrays her as pregnant. The love number is sung by Neha and tells the story of a woman who lost her love before the birth of their first child and then continues to raise a son like her late father.Sung by Neha, Khyaal Rakhya Kar is written by Babbu with music by Rajat Nagpal. The song was produced by Anshul Garg, directed by Agam Mann and Azeem Mann.

The music video shows a snapshot of a teenager who went to school, played by Neha and Rohanpreet. Neha's character is seen as a caretaker who always makes sure to free Rohanpreet's character from all troubles. They grow up, tying the knot and than being shown that they are expecting their first child. Unfortunately, however, an accident takes his life, leaving Neha alone. The song goes on to show how a child grows up to be like his father and the avatar of Neha’s mother takes care of him just as much as she does for her husband.

Neha had been in the news when she shared a photo of herself with a baby bump. To add fuel to the fire, Neha's brother Tony Kakkar had previously commented on the post, saying he was going to be an uncle. A day later, it was revealed that the photo was actually a poster for a new song.

Neha and Rohanpreet had met at a music video with wedding themes entitled Nehu Da Vyah earlier this year. They tied the knot in October in a big wedding party and went on a honeymoon to Dubai. “We actually met for the first time on a set of songs we did together - Nehu Ka Vyah and I didn't see that what he wrote for that song would come true one day. It has really changed my life, ”Rohanpreet told designer Anita Dongre.