Uttarakhand Glacier Updates: Joint team reached within 130 meters of the tunnel in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Glacier Updates: Joint team reached within 130 meters of the tunnel in Uttarakhand


wo hydropower projects and a bridge were badly damaged following the devastation caused by the glacier shattering in Uttarakhand. So far 19 bodies have been removed while more than 200 people are said to be missing. The rescue operation is continuing in the tunnel of the Hydropower Project at Tapovan. Many workers are feared trapped here. Work is being done on a war footing to save the workers.

The major updates so far-

The battle to save lives continues after the devastation caused by the floods in the Rishiganga in Chamoli, Uttarakhand. Currently, 40 to 50 laborers are feared trapped in the hydropower project at Tapovan. The ITBP, NDRF, SDRF, and Uttarakhand police along with the Indian Army are on a war footing to evacuate the workers. This tunnel is two and a half km long and has only been cleaned up to 70-80 meters. Rescue is facing difficulties due to silt and debris. So far 27 people have been evacuated. At the same time, 19 bodies have been recovered from different areas and 203 people are still reported missing.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, who reached Joshimath, inquired about the rescue operation from ITBP Western Command ADG MS Rawat. He said that a joint team of NDRF, SDRF and Army is continuously engaged in rescue operations. The team has reached the 130-meter point in the Tapovan tunnel. It may take 2-3 hours to reach the T-point. Efforts are on to evacuate those trapped in the tunnel.

Dr. Kalachand Sen, director of Wadia Institute, stating the cause of the accident, said that Chamoli district experienced heavy snow in the last few days. It is possible that under the influence of gravity, this ice has broken and fallen. When it falls, it will have brought down the boulders and big stones. From the data of the satellite that we have seen, so far it seems that this is probably the reason for this disaster.CM’s Appeal

Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat will make a night stay in the accident affected areas. He has given information about this on his Twitter handle. The CM has said that he is going to Dehradun affected areas and will stay there overnight. He said that rescue and relief operations are going on fast and the government is leaving no stone unturned in this. The central government is getting all the help. He appealed to the people not to make the accident a cause for propaganda against development.

The Uttarakhand Police has informed that the rescue operation is being run at a rapid pace in the Tunnel. With the help of JCB, the tunnel is being cleared. 202 people are reported missing in this natural accident. At the same time, the bodies of 19 people have been recovered from different places. The police administration has said that it is with the people in this hour of disaster.

The path of the tunnel on the Tapovan Hydropower Project is now clearing. Joint teams of Army, ITBP, NDRF, and SDRF have arrived inside the tunnel. He is also present with Dog Squad. Now preparations will be made to locate the trapped workers in the tunnel.

Rainy bridge has been washed away due to floods, which has completely cut 9 villages. ITBP Jawan is sent relief materials to the stranded people in these villages with the help of a chopper.

30 workers of Lakhimpur Kheri in UP working in power projects in Uttarakhand are also reported missing. There is chaos in his family. These laborers were from the villages Babupurwa, Bherampur, Manjha, and Kadia in the district and were working on the Tapovan project. Uttarakhand DGP said, 'Most of the missing laborers will be from Bihar and UP. I have been told that 30 of these people belong to Lakhimpur Kheri. '

According to the Uttarakhand Police, relief and rescue operations are on for those stranded in the tunnel. Efforts are being made to open the way by reaching inside the tunnel with the help of JCB. So far 202 people are missing and 19 bodies have been recovered from different places.

CM Trivendra Singh Rawat said, “The Rishiganga project at Raini has been completely washed away. 5 km from here is Tapovan Project which was under construction. Currently, 203 people are missing. 11 bodies have been recovered. Tapovan had a subsidiary of 24-25 people, about whom there is no information. '

The team of DRDO-SASE scientists left for Dehradun on Sunday night to find out what was the real reason behind the floods caused by the Rishiganga in Chamoli. Glacier breakdown is the primary reason being stated. Experts, however, believe that cloudburst or avalanche is also the reason.

The tunnel was opened after overnight efforts with the help of the Indian Army and Engineering Task Force, which was closed by debris. The operation continued overnight with generators and searchlights from JCB. Army Field Hospital is providing treatment to the injured on the spot itself.

Uttarakhand DGP said, 'There is no need to panic. The glacier was torn down yesterday, due to boulder and debris causing major damage to the Rainy Power Project in Tapovan. 32 people are missing in the first project and 121 people from the second project. 3 bodies were recovered from Tapovan and Karnprayag. Twelve people were rescued from a small tunnel in Tapovan.