SC asks the institution to consider one-time relaxation to civil service aspirants

SC asks the institution to consider one-time relaxation to civil service aspirants


n Monday the Supreme Court asked the Centre to consider granting a one-year leave of absence for UPSC civil servants, including those who have lost their last attempt at the 2020 test in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic and will get another chance this year if the years are not restricted. On February 5 the institute told the high court that it was permissible to provide additional opportunities such as rest and for those who wished for work, who had appeared in their final attempt at the 2020 exam and were otherwise barred from years.

However, there would be no respite from the 2021 exams for those who did not use their limited number of attempts or for those who were age-restricted from the 2021 examinations in the various age categories, or for any other candidate for any other reason. During a hearing on Monday before the bench consisting of judges A M Khanwilkar and Dinesh Maheshwari, a lawyer from the petitioners told the court that there was a problem "about age" as stated by the Centre last week as it would affect aspirants especially those under the category of people with disabilities. and organized races. The bench noted that there was an "unusual situation" due to the epidemic and the authority should not be strict.

“We have no problem. When the court upheld us, we gave them a break, "Attorney General S V Raju, from the centre, told the bench. The bench told Raju, “You can always argue that it is a policy issue. The point is that there is a way out. They (applicants) are concerned that some are over the age by 10-15 days. They want to relax once in the bar for years ".

Raju told the bench that it might not happen but would consult with management and return to court. “This is a strange situation and everyone knows about it. Some of the contestants served in important assignments. Some may get unnecessary profits but there are real cases, "said the bench.

The difficulty would be that other aspirants would also come and claim to be given another chance, Raju said, adding that he could prove by the fact that there was nothing counterproductive. "Policies are designed to be centred on global minds," the bench said, adding that about 2,200 people seeking profit could make a profit if the age limit was set as one. When Raju said he would contact the relevant authorities about this, the bench said, "If you want, you can do it."

The ASG said students who tried their last in 2020 came out of the exam and took their chance. Initially, advice from the applicant raised the issue of age. Initially the bench said it would not enter the age category yet. "The point is that if we do this in the test, the same pattern will be followed in other tests," the bench said and sent a hearing on Tuesday.

One of the attorneys from the applicant said the aspirants had to face a lot of hardships during the epidemic and asked for age-appropriate rest. By February 5, the institution had filed a note in the high court stating, “Rest, only if a single Civil Service Examination (CSE) test, especially limited to CSE-2021, can only be granted to those who represent CSE-2020 as their final valid attempt and otherwise they are barred for years from appearing in CSE-2021. "

"This will be a relief for the candidates and up to the level set above, it will be a one-off and only application for CSE-2021 and will not be taken as an example," he said. "According to the court's recommendation, the Union of India agrees that potential candidates will be given the opportunity to rest, once and for all if it is part of the dismissal permit, appeal," the note said.

The bench is hearing a request for another opportunity to test the public service at UPSC for those who wish to be unable to appear in their final bid by 2020 due to the epidemic.

On February 1, the institute told the high court that it would not provide more opportunities for those seeking social assistance who could not appear or properly prepare for their final test in the 2020 UPSC civil service because of the epidemic, while reiterating that it could lead to increased "alternative treatment" for candidates. same. The institute had previously provided a chart to the high court providing relief information provided by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) in public service examinations since its inception and said that in 1979, 1992 and 2015 the leave was granted to candidates for change due to changes in examination patterns.

The Supreme Court on September 30 last year refused to postpone the first UPSC test due to COVID-19 and floods in several parts of the country. However, it has instructed the central government and the UPSC to consider giving more opportunity to those who will enter the final effort by 2020, with a limited increase in the age limit.