COVID Cases rise in Maharashtra, CM warns for another lockdown

COVID Cases rise in Maharashtra, CM warns for another lockdown


surge in Covid 19 cases has been witnessed in Maharashtra since mid-January which is a major cause of concern for the state. The new layer of cases has resulted in tightening of restrictions by the state government. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has asked people to abide by the mandated guidelines, wear masks and practice social distancing else be prepared for enforcement of another lockdown. On Tuesday, the state reported more than 3000 cases for the seventh day in a row. The tally on Tuesday stood at, 3663 new cases with 461 cases from Mumbai while 4092 cases were reported on Sunday, the highest count achieved in over a month.

Thackeray left the choice on citizens whether to choose a full fledged lockdown to counter the spread of virus or be vigilant about the guidelines and safety protocols. People are being negligent towards safety in crowded places. Prior to this, Mumbai's mayor Kishori Pednekar sought the citizens to follow the covid norms else city might head for another lockdown. The spike in cases is observed after the operation of local trains was reinstated on February 1. Maharashtra's Deputy CM Ajit Pawar also asserted that the state government might resort to harsh measures in response to inconsiderate behaviour of people.

The state government is implementing stern measures for ensuring the compliance of rules like wearing face masks, social distancing and is taking action against offenders. Regular sanitisation and disinfection of public places have been enacted. The government stressed on the need to contact traces of patients in areas where cases are rising, "The administration should look into working of commercial establishments and organisations for abidance of SoPs. Form a containment zone wherever necessary and target a minimum of 20 contacts of patients and get them tested," Thackeray said.

Marriage or any large gathering will not be organised without police's permission, said CM. Police will adopt every necessary step to prevent overcrowding in any region. Banquet hall owners will be punished in case anyone doesn't wear a mask. Moreover, agitations, protests, processions and public meetings are discouraged in the present situation. The licenses of halls and auditoriums where safety SoPs are not followed will be cancelled.