China Bans BBC World News

China Bans BBC World News


hina has banned the British television channel BBC World News. The National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) of China announced the ban on Thursday, saying that the BBC had misreported the Coronavirus and Xinjiang. China also said that the BBC has violated the necessary condition for the news to be true and fair.

China's NRTA alleged that the BBC's reports had damaged China's national interests and weakened its national unity. Therefore, the BBC does not meet the necessary conditions for foreign channels broadcasting in China. China has also banned the BBC from applying for broadcast next year.

On 4 February, Britain banned China's official media CGTN in their country. Since then, there was talk that China would also ban the BBC in its response. A UK investigation found that CGTN lacked editorial control. Besides , the channel also had links with the ruling Communist Party of China. Following this, the British communications regulator Ofcom canceled the license of China Global Television Network (CGTN) in the UK.

Xinjiang is teased by China. The BBC published a report a few days ago about Uygur Muslims imprisoned in detention camps in Xinjiang. In which it was claimed that China has kept about 10 lakh Muslims imprisoned in these camps. In these camps, people are not only treated inhumanely, but they are also forced to work. Among them, the condition of women prisoners is worse. Women are also subjected to mass rape, sexual harassment,and torture.