Telegram And Signal Users increase Amid Whatsapp Privacy Row.

Telegram And Signal Users increase Amid Whatsapp Privacy Row.


lon Musk’s tweet advised his followers to use the privacy focused app in place of Whatsapp and apps like Signal and Telegram saw a significant rise after Whatsapp’s privacy policy said that it would share the user data with Facebook. Since then many group conversations on Whatsapp are now  switching platforms.

Apparently the rise in the users on Signal app was so high that the verification codes for a few network providers were delayed. On Thursday Elon Musk tweeted “Use Signal” and this little advice from the world’s richest man resulted in Signal’s server getting overloaded with fresh sign-ins. Signal app the rival of Whatsapp took to twitter to confirm that they were getting many requests for new sign-ups and this rapid surge had caused a delay in the receive verification codes from network providers. The glitch was fixed soon and it's now expected that the new users could sing up in the app without much difficulties.

Signal sees this situation as an opportunity for them to enter the market as Whatsapp is currently undergoing controversies related to the new privacy policy changes it made on the app. Whatsapp has to say that the new changes in the policy if the app is confined only for business accounts and not private accounts. Signal is an open source messaging app that has a focus on keeping the privacy of the users intact. This app is mainly used by journalists, security experts, and academics all over the world. Whatsapp’s end-to-end encryption protocol is also used by Signal app.

Telegram app is also seeing a seeming rise in its list of new users as many users are moving away from Whatsapp. Telegram app sends users a notification when their contacts join their platforms just like Signal app. Since then phones are filled with notifications if someone was already using this app. Whatsapp’s new privacy policy comes with an ultimatum of February 8 that all users who do not accept the new pop up notification regarding new terms of service will no longer be able to access the app.