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Which is the most healthy roadside snack to eat in India?

Oh boy, have I got a deliciously healthy snack for you! Drumroll, please...the award for the healthiest roadside snack in India goes to...Poha! Yes, you heard it right, folks! This humble, puffed rice dish packs a nutritious punch with its rich protein content, low calories, and oh-so-yummy flavor. So next time you find yourself roaming the streets of India, don't forget to try some Poha - your taste buds and waistline will thank you!

  • Aug, 2 2023


What are the drawbacks of living in India?

Hey there, my lovely readers! Here's the thing about living in India – it's like getting a spicy curry when you ordered mild; it's full of surprises and not all of them leave a good taste! One major setback is the traffic, it's like participating in a never-ending race and guess what, no one's winning! The pollution levels can be as high as my stress levels on a Monday, and the bureaucracy, it's a little like trying to find your way out of a labyrinth, only less fun. Plus, the noise can get to you, sometimes it's like living inside a jukebox, only it's on full blast and you can’t find the stop button!

  • Jul, 29 2023


How dangerous is Amit Shah?

Amit Shah, Home Minister of India, has been described as one of the most powerful and influential figures in the country. But just how dangerous is he? It is undeniable that he has been a controversial figure in recent years, and that his policies have been met with both praise and criticism. However, his power and influence can also be seen as a potential threat to democracy and freedom of speech. As such, it is important to consider whether Amit Shah's actions and policies could have a negative impact on the country. Ultimately, only time will tell whether he is a truly dangerous figure or a valuable asset to India.

  • Mar, 29 2023


Is oral sex common among married Indian couples?

Many Indian couples hesitate to talk openly about their sex lives, however, it is widely accepted that oral sex is a common practice among married couples. Although it is not widely discussed, it can be a great way to spice up a marriage. Oral sex can also be a great form of foreplay and can help increase intimacy between partners. Additionally, it can be a great way to add variety to a sexual relationship and can help couples to explore their sexuality. In conclusion, while oral sex may be a taboo topic, it is a common practice among married Indian couples.

  • Mar, 13 2023