Precautionary Alert In 5 States Due To Outbreak Of Bird Flu

Precautionary Alert In 5 States Due To Outbreak Of Bird Flu


n Monday, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Rajasthan and Haryana have confirmed cases of Bird Flu in the migrated birds. This resulted in death to thousands of birds in the cities.The total death of migrated birds in Himachal and near places counted 2300 until Mon. Around 1,800 migratory birds died at the Pong Dam lake within the state in one week and currently, officials have confirmed that it was due to the H1N1 avian influenza virus. whereas lakhs of poultry were reported dead from Haryana, migratory birds died in Himachal Pradesh. In Madhya Pradesh, many crows were found dead within the last week.

According to The State animal husbandry Department, “Around 1775 migratory birds have died. We've suspicions of bird influenza. A 10-km alert zone declared wherever no sale of eggs allowed and poultry markets closed.” Haryana is understood to be the hub of the poultry farms that provides their hens and eggs to the capital of the country additionally. Most of the birds were the bar-headed geese. Meanwhile, the states have advised to stop the consumption of poultry products like eggs and meat, chicken etc.

Many dead crows were found in Madhya Pradesh which tested positive for avian influenza (bird flu). The death of crows was reported in many cities of the state like Indore, Mandsaur, Agar Malwa and Khargone.

The respective states have been ordered to take safety precautions to protect from the effects of Avian Influenza, as it can affect the human and may cause serious illness that can lead to death.