India-The Wonderland

India-The Wonderland


ndia is the land on earth where religions are born. Cultures and civilizations are designed, developed and realized in real and reel life situations and circumstances. India is the land on earth where common men and women are rose from ordinary mortals to super human beings. Gandhi was born as an ordinary boy and died as a messenger of truth and non-violence. His teachings on truth and non-violence are omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. This is the land where miracle men and women are born and they engineered spiritual science and eternal ideology to live life with peace and happiness that’s why only on this wonderland people of many faiths, sects, cultures and civilizations are lived together and formed a universally acceptable social, cultural, linguistic and political structure.

India is the most literate land where even those who never attended either structured or unstructured schooling are quite conversant with spoken art of interaction and calculation. Our vegetable and fruit vendors, grocery shopkeepers are literate in spoken language and in calculation. They buy and sell commodities, but unfortunately their image have been poorly projected in the data science of the govt. agencies. Highly spoken literate men and women are projected before the world as illiterate. PMO should take up this issue with concern national and international agencies for making corrections / modifications in their data books to uplift the image of this wonder land where a non-graduate youth of twenty five years builds a world known company which ranked fifth in the world in hotel industry sector. PMO has also recognized his contribution to employment generation in hotel industry.

India has produced many miracle men and women in past and present also. Our Prime Minister did not attend any prestigious school or institute for his education; even then his leadership is globally recognized and highly appreciated by all the National and International agencies worldwide. This is a land where a non-graduate lady becomes Education Minister in the Union Government and gives effective and result oriented leadership to the education sector.

National Education Policy-2020 was initiated and shaped under her leadership in the Union Ministry of Education. This is a land where a matriculate and a non-graduate have established the biggest business houses and known for business skills worldwide. They are from lower middle-class families and never went to any business school for their business studies. This is a land where in lock-down ordinary women have shown miraculous courage and carried their father and son more than thousand km on bicycle and scooty. Isn’t it the land of miracles and wonders?

This is a land where men and women survive, perform and do not perish under severe Mal-nutrition, without any health facilities and safe drinking water and even after that many survey on happiness showed that the India is the happiest nation on the earth. This land is full of skilled man power who has acquired skills on their own in unstructured form. They contribute a major share of economy of the nation. On an average one skilled or unskilled person of working age group pay at least hundred rupees per day in taxes to the nation. India has about hundred crore persons engaged in small jobs and pay hundred rupees per day, it means they are paying ten thousand crore rupees per day in various forms of taxation. They work almost three hundred days in a year, hence, annually they are paying thirty Lakhs crore to the nation and even then they are happy with bare necessities. India is wonderland why because its DNA is super, which produce more than their requirements and survive on less than their requirements.  PMO should set-up a research based special investigation team to search out where surplus is being stored and whose brain behind money hording in and out the nation. This parked money can make India the super power because it has super workforce and super leadership now requires super investment to translate workforce skills into prosperity. It’s a well known fact that India is the youngest nation of the world. Its sixty five percent populations is below thirty five years of age.  Other-side, there are many nations suffering from old age population and facing shortage of skilled, semiskilled and unskilled workforce, particularly in construction and health sectors. India has the opportunity to become a hub of manpower supplier to the nations facing shortage of workforce.